Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the Meetings Continue

And we continued on with our meetings. MP's, Diplomats, government officials that represented the government and NGO's.

It was interesting to learn about the many parties and issues, but the main issue that separates parties is how to deal with the minorities and government reform.

The politicians here are smooth. Mostly foreign educated and knowledgable in different govenment systems. The opposition parties are still hoping to create a system that will strengthen the local governments. While our meeting with the government representative was limited to discussing the situation in the IDP (Internally displaced persons) camps.

We have entered our last few days and are running workshops for various NGO workers and members from Chambers of Commerce. Today, we spoke about Interfaith Dialogue and the importance of organizational messaging.

For the messaging session, it was amazing how creative some of the logos and taglines were for the fake companies. I think i've determined that for American companies to create simple, yet effective taglines, they should use people who have English as their second language. While many have a very strong vocabulary, it seems they are more likely to use a basic description with great language.

It seems like it's a good new strategy to use. Some of the photos of the logos are up on picasa (or will be shortly).

So, as we continue with our workshops, we are having a few last meetings with representatives from the US Embassy and others and are definitely looking forward to identify our work when we return.

As a quick aside, i ate an entire Red Snapper tonight. Literally. It was wierd having the fish look at me while i was eating, but it was even stranger when Daman ate the eyeballs of the fish.

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  1. The look on your face when that fish showed up! Classic. Although it was largely due, I think, to the unique nature of the "sauce" on top. It must have extended an extra 3 inches above the fish, what with all the onions and peppers frothed on top. :)