Friday, August 14, 2009


So, i've decided something about international travel. Not entirely sure how it's possible, but it's true almost everywhere you go.

The American music that is played internationally, is often, some of the most obscure and terrible music that America has to offer.

And, not only that, but these people know all the lyrics too, which is incredible.

I actually feel like i'm missing something because i haven't heard too much Sri Lankan music.

Take tonight for instance. We ate dinner at the home of one of the Sri Lankan participants to the US and his friend came over and knew the most obscure American country signers, some of whom i had never heard of.

Don't get me wrong. it was great to be able to bond over music. But still.

Oh and something else I've learned, it's definitely a lot more difficult learning lyrics to a song in a foreign language. I tried, i really did, but the only song lyrics i was able to learn, was at the Cricket Match.

So, for all those out there that are interested. I'd like to find a way to send better American music abroad.

Oh yea, and Shabbat Shalom. to anyone who can get in touch with Chabad. Trying to see if we can connect with the Chabad in Sri Lanka (if there is one, but i have heard that there is), to arrance a shabbat dinner for our group next Friday. Thanks.


  1. Dov,
    I put a call into Dov Drizen at the Pascack Valley Chabad and left a message for him about your request. Let's see what happens. Shabbat Shalom

  2. Ha! I just (totally coincidentally) put in a call to his brother Zvi with the same question before seeing this comment. Don't worry, Dov - the Rabbis Drizin will make sure you get hooked up. Shabbat Shalom!