Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Meetings

There's a funny thing about meetings. Sometimes, you can say more about one than another.

I have to say that two of the most interesting meetings we have had so far were with the Business for Peace Alliance and the One Text Initiative.

While i don't want to go into too many details, the Business for Peace Alliance, is bringing together the participants for the workshops we will be doing our last week. They are comprised of a number of Chambers of Commerce from all around the country.

The One Text Initiative, is headed up by a former Sri Lankan Ambassador to India and the United Kingdom. It was fascinating to meet with him and hear his thoughts on the future of Sri Lanka.

One of the most common themes that has arisen throughout all of our meetings is about the Sri Lankan connection to their Diaspora community. It's interesting to learn about the challenges and hopes that all of the organizations have for engaging that group.

As a community that has learned a little about being in the Diaspora for over 2000 years (thank you Judy Marx), i see things a little differently than my non-Jewish colleagues.

I feel these various organizations are on the right track, but it will be difficult to tell, since they have so much work ahead of them.

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