Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last Day

I felt that I couldn't miss this opportunity to comment no prices of items in Sri Lanka.

Yes, it's cheap. Most food is around 5 dollars and that's on the expensive side. And products to are a few dollars cheaper per item. And, because of their large garment production industry, you can get brand namew attire for half the price.

That being said, they LOVE to tax tourists. I think last night we ate a hotel, thinking the prices were good at around $6 for an Indian dinner. But then we got the bill. I couldn't believe that tax and tip added an additional 35% to the bill.

It was truly surprising to be here and see that. I think we were all surprised. BUt these taxes are only the greatest at the hotels. Normal places on the side of the road don't have these issues. And if they do, the price you see already includes tax.

So, here we are, on our last day of the program and travelling the City of Colombo, buying last minute gifts and enjoying our last day, i guess you could say, on the beach.

It's been a challenging yet wonderful experience.

When i finally arrive in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, i will have time to write a reflection on the experience.

Taxes aside, it's a unique country with a lot of delicious food and a fascinating example of true co-existence.

Oh yea, i forgot to add that import tax on cars is close to 300%. Or maybe it's more. Regardless, it's expensive.

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