Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, as you can see, i have started trying to write my entries on topics, as opposed to a recap of my day.

We're all still a little hesitant to eat Sri Lankan food.

Most people in the group, have had at least one day of issues because of the food.

However, i'm keeping strong. I think the best part of eating in Sri Lanka, is eating the food with your hands.

Last night, we ate at the home of one of the Sri Lankan participants. I sat next to his father and nephew (who is 13) and watched as the laughed at me, trying to eat like a Sri Lankan.

It's not nearly as easy as i thought it would be. It's all based on Rice and then they add the curry and other acutremonts (however that is spelled). Well, as I tried to treat my fingertips like a spoon, that is obviously the wrong way and they continued to laugh.

The technique should be a lot easier, but these little rice meatballs that i was eating were falling to my plate before I could get anything in my mouth.

I've also decided that the food tastes even better from your finger tips. You don't worry about eating the bones in fish because you break it apart with your hands first.

And, you really get to mix every bit of the food. The rice becomes covered in all of the curries and spices because it's as if you are coating each grain yourself.

It is definitely tasty and I think the real reason why cultural Kashrut is so great.

At the same time though, i'm truly enjoying eating vegetarian meals ALL the time. It's so easy and tasty, i wish it were so simple in Atlanta.

Something i think i forgot to add:

Although people have been getting sick, it has definitely NOT prevented them from eating the food. I think everyone has gone out on a limb and tried something new and different.

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