Monday, August 3, 2009

Culture Shock

I guess the biggest shock of all being here, is the amount of Gulf State Muslims who visit. Right now, the Prime Minster from the Kingdom of Bahrain is in town (along with his delegation) and there are TONS of others who are staying in our hotel. I've already seen a few families, with what seems like a husband with more than 2 wives. But, you still can't see their faces. They are all covered from head to toe in black, with a slit for their eyes. However, they're all very nice and friendly.

It seems to be a great vacation spot from the Gulf States, as they are in close proximity and it allows families the freedoms that they may not have in their own countries.

It's also interesting to see how the other people in my group deal with being a minority for the first time.

In addition, there are very few folks here from Africa or other Americans (it's kind of a long trip from the US), but lots of Germans. It's much easier for europeans to visit, as the longest flight seems to be from the UK and that is really no longer than flying from NY-Israel.

We are continuing our journey today and leaving Colombo. We are heading to Kandy for the Perahara Festival (that will last from my understanding through the night). We are scheduled to meet a political science professor from a University to continue learning more about the conflict.

Actually, last night we went to one of the oldest Hindu Temples in Kandy, that dates back 420 years, where we met with the priest and spoke with him about life as a Tamil.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to write again tonight, following the festival.


  1. dov,
    mom and I are reading your posts. We are enjoying them and living vicariously thru you. Some questions: We think that those who you think are of multiple wives are really the servants. Is that possible? Do they serve liquor in the hotel and are the visitors from the Gulf States partaking? Also, have you worn your kippa in public? I am following your travels on a map I found. Kandy, which, according to wikipedia, is a Tamil word, seems about 200 km from Colombo. Is that true?
    have a great time at the festival.

  2. So, what is like to be a Tamil? What did the Priest say?

  3. Dad- no idea about the wives, didn't want to get into it. Oh yea they serve liquer here, there bar is open LATE. Nope, haven't worn my kippah in public, i already stand out like a sore thumb. And yes, Kandy is far from Colombo, but only 110 KM, but the roads aren't that great, so it takes 3 hours.

    Micah - that's a conversation for when i get back home.