Sunday, August 9, 2009


Had a wonderful learning experience on THursday night. Attended my first cricket match to see Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan. While it was a best of 5 series and Sri Lanka had already won the first 3, they still play the last 2 matches.

I learned that they play those matches because of international standings.

So, the game. There's no reason to attempt to explain the game here because I still have some issues following it. It was the atmosphere that really made it.

We were sitting in what we in the states would call the Bleacher seats. We went there with Shini and her friends. They hired a BAND to play in the stadium. Supposedly, it's quite common for bands to play in the stadium, but they were the only band there that night.

Otherwise, it really felt like an international soccer match. People were singing and dancing and supporting their national team. Actually, we didn't sit for the entire game (which reminded me of being at a UM football match).

A strage note about Cricket - besides the fact that they can take tea during the series, they have actual advertisements in the middle of the field.

The craziest thing of all, was that we didn't arrive until around 7, but the game began at 4 in the afternoon and lastest for hours. We left early, because, well Sri Lanka lost the game.

The people we were with, obviously blamed it on the Americans, but that's okay, I would've done the same.

It was the perfect end to an amazing week. Still can't believe the atmosphere of the match (nothing like baseball), at all.

Hoping that in the future, i might have the chance to see another match. But now that i know more of the game, it is sure to be more exciting.

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